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In the utterly professional manner you’ve come to expect from the Audio Pizza team, we discuss the options available when it comes to accessible media.

While Kayaker hosts and tries to remember his own name, Shaun discusses everything video. With Netflix being the only mainstream video on demand service that offers anything close to a reasonable amount of audio described content, we see just what other options are out there including the audio only Blindy TV and the new 100% audio described streaming service Tell Me TV. Also just why is there so little choice when it comes to accessible televisions and set top boxes, and could the perfect solution to on tap audio description already exist in the form of a smartphone app?

Next, we move on to books. With the excellent Audible service offering convenient access to the latest audio books but at a price we look at what services are available in the US, UK & Australia that offer audio books for free.  Such as RNIB Overdrive, Vision Australia and Baird or even your local library.

To wrap up, we find out what books and shows we’re enjoying at the moment and just why Kayaker loves Game of Thrones so much.

For more information on the Tell Me TV service and to get a discount code check out our interview with Kevin Shaw, President and CEO of Tell Me TV in the next episode of Audio Pizza.

Episode Links:

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Disney Movies Anywhere App.
National Library Service (US)
RNIB Overdrive Talking Books Service.
RNIB Newsagents.
The Podcast Engineering Show.
Life After Blindness Podcast.


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