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InstaCart – The best way to buy beer and lots of other staples – AP101

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This weeks Audio Pizza is brought to us thanks to Hugo. He actually recorded it last year, but to ensure we don’t make the mistake of being seen as too professional, we decided to leave the recording in a DropBox folder for a month or two, then pull it out and dust it off.
Of course, we all know it is Shaun’s fault, but no ones pointing fingers, mostly because we can’t see well enough to know which way to point. But if we could, and if Hugo sobered up for long enough, we’d all definitely blame Shaun.
So what is it about? Well you’ve probably already started listening and know it’s about the iOS app Instacart. It seems pretty cool but it’s not available in Australia so how cool can it be really?
If you’re in the US or somewhere else that the app is available, than check it out, otherwise forget it.
Probably the only reason you’re reading these show notes is to see if we put a link to the app in them. Well, yes we did but whether or not the link is clickable is dependant on your podcast app of choice. In any case, heres the link:

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