Introducing and Customising the Mini Guide Mobility Aid- AP107

In this episode I introduce and go through the process of customising settings for the Mini Guide.

The Mini Guide is a handheld ultrasonic mobility aid which is to be used in conjunction with a white cane or guide dog. it uses two sonar sensors to provide tactile and/or audio feedback to the user.

The guide has a number of distances or ranges to which it can be set from 0.5 metres through 8 metres. If there are no objects in the field of view of the device inside the set range, the guide provides no feedback, however it will start to vibrate once there is an object detected within the chosen range. It will vibrate faster and faster as the object comes closer, giving the user extremely useful information about the environment they are moving through.

The Mini Guide fits in the palm of your hand and is approximately 3, by 1.5, by 1 inch.
Some use cases include:
* Keeping an appropriate distance behind someone in a queue or line of people in a shopping centre.
* Scanning for head height obstacles when used with a white cane or guide dog
* Finding or counting doorways or shop entrances whilst walking down an isle
* Used with a white cane, excellent for finding and avoiding obstacles prior to touching them with the cane
* Used by it’s self in environments you know well like your office or home to avoid other people

These are just a few of the ways the device can be used, it is very versatile and users can customise it so that it gives them valuable feedback for their particular situation.

To find out more about the device and where it may be available in your area I recommend contacting your local blindness support organisation. You can also check out the below link:
Mini Guide

Where Kayaker Educates Us About Chicago State – AP106

Download 106

In this Round of Audio Pizza, we cover the weeks Tech News from an accessibility point of view. Blind blokes BS’ing about Tech.
Topics include:
* Apple’s Education Event
* The New iPad
* iWorks Updates
* iOS 11.3
* Accessibility Emoji
* Vorail Wand
* Google Home Bluetooth Support
* Alexa Followup

InstaCart – The best way to buy beer and lots of other staples – AP101

Download AP101

This weeks Audio Pizza is brought to us thanks to Hugo. He actually recorded it last year, but to ensure we don’t make the mistake of being seen as too professional, we decided to leave the recording in a DropBox folder for a month or two, then pull it out and dust it off.
Of course, we all know it is Shaun’s fault, but no ones pointing fingers, mostly because we can’t see well enough to know which way to point. But if we could, and if Hugo sobered up for long enough, we’d all definitely blame Shaun.
So what is it about? Well you’ve probably already started listening and know it’s about the iOS app Instacart. It seems pretty cool but it’s not available in Australia so how cool can it be really?
If you’re in the US or somewhere else that the app is available, than check it out, otherwise forget it.
Probably the only reason you’re reading these show notes is to see if we put a link to the app in them. Well, yes we did but whether or not the link is clickable is dependant on your podcast app of choice. In any case, heres the link:

Audio Pizza Picks – 2017 Gift Guide


The Audio Pizza team finally get back together just in time for Black Friday with all their picks and recommendations of just what gifts & gadgets you should be hunting down in the sales.

Happy shopping.

Useful Links.

Join Shauns Amazon Echo fan club by getting your hands on one of these great voice assistants here.

Kayaker’s copper Braille embossed dog tags along with other great Braille embossed jewelry and identification tags for all genders and ages can be found at Elegant Insights Braille Creations.

Garths Lightning to 3.5mm headphone adapter & his beloved Apple Air Pods can be found in the Apple Store, along with Shauns old faithful Apple Earpods

The TrackR bluetooth tag finder that can be used to find items via your iPhone or android can be found at The TrackR website.

You can find more information on the Mini Guide here.

If you, like Shaun, want to turn your home into your own personal lighthouse, check out the Tradfri Smart Lights from Ikea.

The ultimate Star Wars toy, er, I mean art sculpture of light sabers can be found at Ultra Sabers.

Relax with Garth and the Bose QC35 Series 2 noise cancelling headphones.

Kayaker’s favorite USB battery charger is the Jackery Bolt 6000 available from Amazon.

Shaun really can’t get enough of voice assistants. If you’re the same check out the Google Home range here.

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iPhone & Tesla, The Next Generation.


Join Shaun, Garth and Kayaker in this latest Audio Pizza roundtable discussion as concern grows over Garths out of control domain name habit. Is an intervention the answer?

Shaun then goes on to discuss the recent iPhone 8 leaks concerning the fate of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Can Apple really be ready to retire your finger in favour of your face?

Kayaker then tells us of his recent trips to New York and Las Vegas, and just how well his Aira glasses performed. Sir Patrick Stewart and Levar Burton seemed to be impressed anyway.

Finally, Garth tells us why he’s so excited by the Tesla Model 3. With his deposit down he predicts that Model 3 will be the tipping point, the start of the smart electric car as a serious option for the masses.

Letter To Tim Cook


This is Audio Pizza’s open letter to Tim Cook podcast where we discuss the accessibility issues of MacOS, iOS, and the Apple Watch, and ask Tim to listen and react to the unique problems faced by the VoiceOver community.

Dear Tim,

Thank you, as a company, for realy being a pioneer in accessibility, but we would like you to bump it up a notch and make quality a high priority for the accessibility team.

So we had four issues we wanted you to take a look at under the mac. First, there’s the HTML5 rendering engine that we demonstrated in the MacOS app store where the navigation flow is completely broken, which is as if your mouse just jumped randomly all over the screen instead of where you moved it. Second, there is the responsiveness of the action item with the VO-spacebar to trigger buttons, which is as if your mouse button only worked some of the time.. Third, there’s the audio ducking where we loose the VO text to speech volume , which is as if your screen brightness just randomly went dim all day long. And fourth there is the drag and drop / finder issue
where VO is reporting the wrong item under the VO cursor, which is as if your selection in the finder was the item next to the one you wanted.

Taken individually these bugs are serious. Taken together as a whole, they are critical. They have a direct impact on our productivity. We need these fixed. Please, Tim, make it so.

Under iOS we think you are doing a great job with accessibility. But some of the hardware choices you are making affect us more than you may think. There are bluetooth issues where we cannot control VoiceOver reliably with our keyboards. The lack of a headphone jack and the lag we see with your wireless solution fails us.. It’s as if every key you type takes seconds to appear on the screen.
It affects our productivity to the point of making the device unusable. Please try this yourself, it’s easy to understand once you experience it. And finally under iOS consider taking the next step to being an advocate for accessibility. Require your developers to do the bare minimum to their apps if they want to be in the app store by requiring them to use Xcode’s accessibility tools to remove all warnings and properly label standard UI controls. It’s a small price to pay and it makes Apple look really really good as a leader of universal access. Not to mention, quality of the apps in the app store will improve as you educate developers. Since you will happily kill 32- bit apps, how about killing the poorly coded non-accessible apps as well.

And with WatchOS, we are just looking for improvements over time. We thank you for making nit accessible out of the box. We look forward to its future as improvements with both tactical feedback and text to speech evolve. We are very excited about the direction you are taking the Apple Watch.

We respect Apple as a company; we respect you as a person. You are both leaders in universal access and accessibility. We hope you listen to this podcast and reflect upon the management and design decisions you make and how they impact all your users.

Thank you Tim, and I’ll be happy to demonstrate that walking chocolate tour using voiceover for you anytime.

Scott, Shaun and Garth

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