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Audio Pizza

Nov 17, 2017

The Audio Pizza team finally get back together just in time for Black Friday with all their picks and recommendations of just what gifts & gadgets you should be hunting down in the sales.

Happy shopping.

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Join Shauns Amazon Echo fan club by getting your hands on one of these great voice assistants

Nov 13, 2017

Hugo takes us on the journey of setting up his new iPhone X, and discovers some of the gestures needed now the home button is gone. 

Nov 4, 2017

This tutorial is courtesy of Dani Montalvo @charadani and covers the process of setting up a side-chain in Reaper on Windows. For further info please check out the article on the Reaper Accessibility Wiki

Oct 5, 2017

This tutorial goes through the Render, and the Consolidate/Export tracks dialogs. You can bring up the Render dialog through the File menu or by pressing Control+Alt+R (Win), Command+Option+R (Mac), and access the consolidate dialog through the File menu. I also introduce the shortcuts to fade in or out...

Aug 26, 2017

Setting up a side chain in reaper is relatively straight forward. First what is a side chain? There’s many situations in which a side chain could be useful, and I will show one example today. In essence, a side chain is where you use the output of one track to control the effects on another track. The example I’ll...