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Audio Pizza

Oct 10, 2021

Rooty Hill: Noun. A trip hazard or uneven section of a concrete path caused by the lifting of sections due to tree roots growing under the path. These are most often found in established leafy suburbs, although can be seen anywhere humans have attempted to concrete over nature.

It is speculated that a Rooty Hill is...

Sep 26, 2021

Chittering: Noun. The momentary feeling of confusion and dismay when you realise that the person to whom you've responded heartily to hearing them call "Hello", was not actually speaking to you. There has been a substantial increase in the prevalence of Chittering for all since mobile phones became common however...

Sep 11, 2021

Welcome back to another episode inspired by the Douglas Adams book "The Meaning of Liff", where we share one of Douglas's words, and create one of our own. We marry a place name with a concept or situation we find ourselves in as blind people.
Dirranbandi: Noun. The hair tie or other band, which you attach to your door...

Aug 29, 2021

Hunters Hill, noun, Searching for a dropped object by A: using a swimming motion on the floor, or B: rolling methodically covering as much floor as possible to locate it.

Aug 14, 2021

Welcome to a new series inspired by the Douglas Adams book The Meaning of Liff. In this book Douglas matches place names with concepts which have no name, creating an amusing dictionary of terms, some of which are bound to resinate.
As blind people, we come across situations that are unique to our community, which also...