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Audio Pizza

Jul 4, 2018

In a recent OSARA update, support has been improved for context menus on Windows, and added to the Mac. Additional context menus are available for envelopes and automation points, reporting state has been improved and these are also available on the Mac. As there is no applications key on the standard Mac keyboard, bindings have been added to Control+1 for the first context menu, this is equivalent to pressing the app key on Windows. The second and third context menus that are available on Windows with Control+AppKey and Alt+AppKey are available with the Mac's Control+2, and Control+3. If you are using a keyboard on your Mac that has an AppKey than this will work in the same way it would on Windows. It is important to note that moving forward, OSARA requires Reaper 5.92 and above. I also wanted to point out that since the latest updates to the OSARA key map, the ForwardSlash key has been left with no assignments bound and the plan is to try and keep it this way, so that users have the ability to add their own bindings without them being over written by future updates.