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Audio Pizza

Apr 22, 2018

In this episode I introduce and go through the process of customising settings for the Mini Guide.

The Mini Guide is a handheld ultrasonic mobility aid which is to be used in conjunction with a white cane or guide dog. it uses two sonar sensors to provide tactile and/or audio feedback to the user.

The guide has a number of distances or ranges to which it can be set from 0.5 metres through 8 metres. If there are no objects in the field of view of the device inside the set range, the guide provides no feedback, however it will start to vibrate once there is an object detected within the chosen range. It will vibrate faster and faster as the object comes closer, giving the user extremely useful information about the environment they are moving through.

The Mini Guide fits in the palm of your hand and is approximately 3, by 1.5, by 1 inch.
Some use cases include:
* Keeping an appropriate distance behind someone in a queue or line of people in a shopping centre.
* Scanning for head height obstacles when used with a white cane or guide dog
* Finding or counting doorways or shop entrances whilst walking down an isle
* Used with a white cane, excellent for finding and avoiding obstacles prior to touching them with the cane
* Used by it's self in environments you know well like your office or home to avoid other people

These are just a few of the ways the device can be used, it is very versatile and users can customise it so that it gives them valuable feedback for their particular situation.

To find out more about the device and where it may be available in your area I recommend contacting your local blindness support organisation. You can also check out the below link: