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Audio Pizza

Dec 31, 2014

Welcome back to the iBlindTech Democast. The iOS app iTired is the subject of this episode. It’s a simple app which solves a simple yet annoying problem, simply and effectively.

App Store Description

Listen to audiobooks or podcasts in bed? Tired of waking up hours later and having to spend minutes to find out where...

Feb 24, 2014

Hugo’s back with another jail break episode. He shows us iSounds and iFile. If you’ve ever wanted to use the new Siri voices for Voice Over, than this is the episode. Take a listen. 

Feb 3, 2014

On this episode I take a look at Finder on the Mac. I cover a number of the basic concepts such as copying and moving files, efficient system navigation, launching applications and some useful keystrokes. This is more of an introduction to OSX than an introduction to Voiceover. I hope you enjoy.

Jan 23, 2014

Hugo joins us again today to walk through jailbreaking iOS 7.04. With Apple’s latest beta release of iOS 7.1, it appears they have closed the exploits that allow this jailbreak. Also many of the problems that users were experiencing when this jailbreak was released have now been fixed. So if you’re considering a...