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Audio Pizza

Jun 21, 2018

This session steps through doing basic automation of track volume, pan and effect parameters in Reaper with OSARA. View the full article at

Jun 12, 2018

During a recent update to OSARA, the key map has been updated, and upgraded. There are a number of new key assignments , and rearrangements to existing keystrokes. These are outlined below.

Once you install the new key map, turn on shortcut help with F12 and explore the U, G, dash and equals, keys with the...

Jun 11, 2018

Shaun, Kayaker and Garth give yet another take on Apple's recent Keynote at WWDC.

Jun 3, 2018

As a blind person, it can be extremely difficult, firstly just to get where your going and in some cases, the last ten yards can be the hardest part of the journey. In this episode we look at some of the strategies and reflect on our experiences with this problem. We discuss various apps, and equipment that can be used,...